When kids arrive at your church, these are the questions that are running through their minds. We provide ministry resources that address all these issues and set you up to win. We know kids and we know ministry.

We use videos to put students at ease from the moment they arrive and get them engaged in what's going on around them.  Kurt Goble, the creative force behind Digital Felt, has worked as a youth and children's pastor for over 25 years, and has experienced the positive difference that these videos make in those critical moments when a student first arrives. They help establish a participatory, non-threatening environment and are especially good for visitors. It's intimidating to walk into a room full of people and not know anyone. Our videos give kids something to focus on - and help them connect with other kids at the same time.​ We accomplish this through a variety of videos that range from memory games, to interactive quizzes, to crazy dance games.

Every week, thousands of churches choose to begin their kids' programs with fun and engaging Digital Felt videos because:

  • They set a positive, fun and energetic tone

  • They make a great first impression

  • They grab their attention and get them excited for what is going to happen next

  • They are non-threatening and safe. A video isn’t going to call a student out or embarrass them

  • They are a familiar medium. Kids watch videos all the time. Watching a video is familiar territory for kids and they feel comfortable with it

At Digital Felt we are passionate about making videos that set you up to win, no matter what curriculum, format or methods you use to teach. The videos are affordable, fun, engaging and easy to use. We offer a large variety of videos that work with a wide range of ages - from preschool up to (and even through) high school!

Check out our video libraries, and see why so many churches use our videos to add value to their children’s ministry programs and events.

Have questions? Let us know - we would love to hear from you!