Focus on the Fun PreService Show - Version 4

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A fourth edition of this PreService Show. Just over 14 minutes of fun, interactive games that your kids can play while waiting for your program to begin. PreService Shows are a great addition to your VBS program as the provide an easy, non-threatening way for kids to get involved (and for you to keep things calm!) while everyone is arriving. They are also a great way to make newcomers feel more comfortable as they provide something for them to focus on and engage with.

Plus - they work with ANY curriculum!

The crowdbreakers in this show are:
1. Foreign Words, Version 4
2. Focus, Version 4
3. Listen Up, Version 4
4. Guess Who's Talking, Version 4
5. Love it or Leave It, Version 4

Top it all off with a high-energy countdown, and you are set up to win!

Buying these crowdbreakers individually would cost you $35 - but you can get them (all put together in one show!) for $25 - so you're saving 30%!

Or, if you want to save even MORE, buy the Focus on the Fun PreService Show 5-Pack, which has all FIVE of these PreService Shows for $50. So you're getting $175 in videos for $50 (that's a 70% savings!).